Age is just a number, and it is proved to be true when you talk about two twin brothers spending most of their childhood reading a lot of science fiction, and experimenting with the truth behind all the research going around in the world.

They were always fascinated with what new life offered them. Experimentally, though, they started their research work at a very young age and paved a long way through their teenage years. It is incredible to know that they have bagged the Bajra Purification Project, which is also their first project, this gaining recognition from the State Ganga River Conservation Agency.

Their journey goes back to the 7th grade when Yash and Yuvraj both used to read a lot of books and study a lot on the Internet. They were listening to the speech of the Chief Guest at a school event who addressed the dearth of research scholars in India. Taking in a lot of learning from the speech, they were both driven to reach their dreams. They took over the internet, learning new software and procedures. They were even the ones who used to go the other way round to receive knowledge. While most of the class used to sneak out of the labs and classes, they were the ones who used to hide in every class to gain the most excellent knowledge they can. Being their inquisitive and talented self, they have completed a journey of 22 projects in over six years. Isn’t that amazing?

The brothers are currently pursuing their 12th standard and hope to go for further studies, again trying and excelling in the field of research. It is a great pleasure to tell you all that the two have laid the foundation of their start-up Zenith Vipers that will serve as a platform for students just like them to come up with their brilliant ideas aimed for the betterment of the society.

I know you might be hungry to know about these two. I was too when I heard Yash speak about his experiences. Here’s more of their story.

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Yash and Yuvraj have been the best buds throughout their journey. From making each other realise the importance of dreaming big to bringing a change in the society. They certainly strive for good things and with their projects and further graduation in their dreamy eyes, they are definitely inspiring.

The Start

How did it all begin? 

Little did the two brothers know anything about research, they ended up learning a lot from professors and books. They started up with a little of research work in class 7 and got their first research paper out in 8th grade. Their Interest sprouted up in research when they were in 7th grade, and they went for an inter-school event in Delhi which was a science event. They went for an inter-school event in Delhi which was a science event where the Chief Guest addressed the students talking about inventions and Indian scientists. Their life took a new direction, and they started reading science fictions, began thinking of things with different perspectives. It was just the beginning.

A Wide Array Of Achievements

What have been their achievements? 

Their research projects include All In One Medical Assistance Machine, Brain Controlled Drone and a lot more. Out of all of their projects/researches, the major one according to them is Bajra purifier: removal and extraction of toxic metals from the river and purifying the water by using Bajra which can also be known as pearl millet.

Apart from this they have presented their research papers at many conferences and have also won various events giving paper presentations at different Institutes in India, including IIT’s. They have also represented India at various international fairs and conferences. They both have also been interviewed by many news channels regarding their projects and have also been Officially Selected for attending one of the best Leadership summits, Novus Summit by the United Nations. They’ve been recognized as Research Scholars by National Science Center, Delhi and have been winners of Karamveer Chakra Award. Now this isn’t just it. There is more.

They were speakers at the Indian Youth Conclave, members of Under25 club and will be speaking at Under25 Delhi Summit along with a lot of other talented speakers. In addition to this, they have got letters of appreciation from Ministry of Home Affairs, Department Of Science And Technology.

Were There Any Challenges?

Were there any challenges? 

Trying to achieve a lot at such a young age has certainly been challenging. And they faced a lot of problems when they were beginners, clueless about most of the procedures for getting things done. They used to mail professors of different institutes to know various methods of research and to remove doubts, but they used to fail a lot in getting reverts from them. There was even a time when one of their projects got copied by someone, and they lost the rights to their project.

But they took it all as a sport and ran ahead of time learning a lot from failures. Together, they started their own start-up Zenith Vipers.

What Is Zenith Vipers?

What is Zenith Vipers all about? 

The organization Zenith Vipers is to encourage willing students to come up with their ideas and serve for the betterment of the society as the founders don’t want others to face the same problems as they did in their initial phases of research and while they were shaping their dreams.

What The Future Beholds

Future plans and motives: 

They look forward to more research work in the future and are willing to get recognition on an international platform. They even plan to do intensive research in pure sciences.

Their main motive is just one thing- to get a noble prize for India and help in making India a developed nation in upcoming future.

Like Yuvraj said, “We know the challenges young students face in such a field and thus want to do our best to help them out.”

Well said. Isn’t it?

Yash told us, “I want bring a Science Nobel Prize for India.” and what else can we say – let’s wish them all the best.

This piece was originally authored by our friends at Wittyfeed.



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