According to me, an entrepreneur is someone with the capability of starting anything from scratch and persistently moving towards the vision, kicking away all the challenges to reach the desired peak. Today in India, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is in the progressive mode and an effort is being made to help more women embrace the journey. On the eve of Women Entrepreneurship Day, I have a message for all the women who aspire to, or have ever thought of carving their own path “It is all about creating a life you are proud to live, defining your own success and living up to it. So allow your confidence to defeat your self-doubt. Go for it, time is now! “

Women have some innate qualities that make them ready to board the entrepreneurial voyage. A few of the inherent features that make women highly qualified to be successful entrepreneurs are listed below:

  • Wearing Multiple Hats: Being able to switch among multiple roles is the prime need of any entrepreneur. The woman of today is a manager of her house, guide to her children, and a support to her spouse, an ambitious employee moving ahead to make her mark with the knock of every opportunity. Apart from these, many a times she is also found pursuing her interests. She is so comfortable balancing all the roles as if she was just made to excel with all of it.
  • Planner: Women are wired in a way that they like to prepare and visualize well before taking decisions and are usually seen planning prior to taking their next steps. They are less prone to overconfidence and most of the times they tend to take calculated risks. Women therefore turn out to be great planners. A clear roadmap is the mandate for turning any idea into a reality. Proper planning and good execution is a sure shot recipe for success.
  • Resource Utilization: Managing well within constraints comes natural to women. Their inner spark of creativity helps them in figuring out alternatives to achieve the desired result. Being able to optimize the available resources to the fullest is among one of the things that helps your venture survive and sail through all times.
  • Sustain Odds: With their ingrained qualities of patience and persistence women inspire. You might have witnessed many women around you, embracing instability very calmly. Even when in crisis they take a lead to do everything possible to help their loved ones overcome it. Ventures are vulnerable to uncertainties and leaders with these qualities can help sustain any turbulence.
  • Prioritizing: Women are an expert in prioritizing. Many of them opt to raise a family than to pursue their career, but when they set their priority they give their best to it. Their sense of purpose keeps them motivated enough. They are ready to ignore and compromise on things that do not make sense to them. You need to set your priorities to scale your business to heights.

So, if you know or ever happen to meet a lady who has been longing to create a difference, tell her this “Take your first step today, freeze your faith in yourself and your God. Create your own history, the rest will follow.”

About The Author

Women Are Born Entrepreneur by:  Manya Jha, Founder of Morphedo, Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Expert



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