Imparting education digitally is a thing of the future where students will take in their knowledge not from books but instead from their tabs, devices and phones. Entering the market early, Clone Futura is doing exactly that.


Founded by maverick entrepreneur, Vidushi Daga, Clone Futura works to “fill the gap between education and learning” through their learning solutions.


But, this is not her first business idea by a long shot. Vidushi began her career at a tender age of 14 a as distributor for products and exhibiting them, moving on to the Bullion Industry with her grandfather who was then the president of The Bombay Bullion Association. A true trendsetter, and just aged 17 years, Daga then forwarded to The Bombay Stock Exchange with Ramesh Damani Securities where she was a very successful arbitrageur. Furthermore she was awarded ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2013 & ‘Concept of the Year Award’ 2013 for South East Asia.

Continuing her journey and balancing her personal life with professional life, Ms. Daga a true opportunist came up with a new concept to get into the space of Technology to Transform Seniors and Women digitally. That’s when Clone Futura was incepted and conceived where she started from home with just 3 students in July 2012 and it has spread with humungous leaps and bounds in entire Mumbai.


Vidushi said, “Clone Futura, offers onsite customized training and support service in Computer, iPad and Smartphones to people of all age groups – kids, women, and senior citizens at their residence or work place. It is not simply a brand but a growing movement.”

A fellow entrepreneur from the industry described her as “a proactive and far-sighted enthusiast, an idealist, an ambitious visionary, which epitomises the pioneer spirit of man. Her exceptional leadership qualities like dynamism, courage of conviction and unwavering commitment to excellence continues to guide many.”

We know how hard it so to be a woman entrepreneur or founder in the startup sphere in India, given the prejudices and hardships women face in the workplace. Therefore, it is further heartening to see someone lead from the front and create products that have a scope of disrupting whole industries.




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