Weddings have always been fun. But, the hassle with collecting gifts and (more importantly) keeping tab of them is such a pain for family members who want to instead have fun! But what to do? We still find our relatives and well-wishers handing newlyweds with envelopes full of money, lavish gifts as well as large equipment for their new home. All of this is very kind of them but many a times this can be a big pain! Surely there is a smarter way to do this?

Paytm, has found its way to the Great Indian Weddings. Lending a dash of digital, first of its kinds in Indian weddings thanks to engaged couple Anya and Suchit’s initiative, to providetheir relatives and friends the option of receiving wedding’s blessing gift or shagun digitally. The couple aim to promote a cashless and digital nation and reduce pollution. The couple aim to promote a cashless and digital nation and reduce pollution, having published their Paytm details on their wedding card itself.


Anya and Suchit have shared the Paytm QR Code, in their wedding card, which can be scanned and the money can be transferred instantly. According to the couple,

“this digital methodology is one of the most efficient way to collect, track and safe-keep the shagun that is received in the marriages. In Indian marriages there is highest exchange of money and going digital is the way to go towards a cashless wedding!”

That’s not all, the couple is hoping their initiative will inspire others to bring more innovation to the age-old, boring traditions in an Indian Wedding! Here’s wishing the to-be newlyweds the very best and many digital blessings.




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