“Koi sunega nahi, tabhi to phone bajega.”

Though a simple punch line from the latest Nescafe TV commercial, it envelopes a deeper meaning in itself. It indicates towards a world, which gives you the right to speak, but at the same time binds you in chains of propriety and boundaries.

Sameer Agarwal and Pooja Daswani thought to break this silence and launched a voice-based app VOIZD – a virtual community where members can find solace, support, and the strength to share their stories and beliefs without worrying about being judged or trolled.


The app allows people to record 30-second audio clips on any topic under the sun. Whether it’s speaking up on national and international issues or giving vent to personal or professional frustrations, its users are feeling empowered to express themselves in their own unique ways.

The voices of these people are morphed to maintain privacy and anonymity during conversation.


“Here Crime Master Gogo is taking a dig at Mumbai’s potholed roads with his satirical one-liners and Psychlone is brewing up a hurricane with his musings on religious teachings. It’s ironic that by masquerading under the aliases the app gives them, they can be their real selves in a largely intolerant society,” says Agarwal.

When asked what made him create VOIZD, he recounted threats that came his way after voicing strong opinions on major social media platforms. He further adds,

“The virtual world has become a stage where one is under constant pressure to play to the gallery. VOIZD is an attempt to build a network where people can be true to themselves. This is also the reason why our app is all about oral communication. Often a pause, a change in tone, a sigh can say all that’s unsaid.”

The app is currently available on both iOS and Android.



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