Let’s face it! We’ve had troubles in finding the right places to dine, places to hangout or explore while travelling to a new city.  Asking the locals for suggestions or scrounging through blogs, serves as cumbersome task to undertake.

A similar situation was faced by Aksha Kini and Brijesh Bhardwaj while they went on separate trips to New York and Thailand, realizing that finding local experiences was still a pain.

How it Works

Struck by this realization, the duo launched Townsee app in May2016. Based in Bangalore, Townsee app helps you discover the local life of the city with recommendations from a community you trust. The app has posts with pictures which makes browsing through experiences a more visual and engaging experience.The user can upload pictures of the places they’ve visited or will be visiting in the near future, tag the location and share it within the app. Anyone on the application can view the post, upvote it or bookmark it for a review.

Ranging from famous coffee houses to street joints, or finding a spot to read a book or place for your morning jog, the application has it all.

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Townsee finds itself in the market of helping an online audience connect with offline experiences. Some people call this O2O market (term made popular in China), in India this is supposed to be a $120B market.

Targeting the Urban millennials, the application has over 500 installs mostly from word of mouth.Townsee competes with foursquare globally it sees Little Black Book as its local competitor.

“Here we feel, the curated magazine sort of approach although useful, will not scale the way we want townsee to scale with respect to content. Also we feel people will find discovering experiences from other people like them more authentic and also more natural given how it works in real life,’’ said Brijesh.

Currently bootstrapped, Townsee aims at reaching 10,000 weekly active users in Bangalore, establish clear metrics on their business at a user level and then possibly expand to a few more cities.



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