Haptik and TLabs have announced the winners of the India’s first ever Botathon hosted on December 10-11, 2016 at the T-Labs Office in Bengaluru.

The purpose of this Botathon was to foster innovation through developer creativity and to recognise those creations. The hackathon was solely focused on building conversational chat bots to solve various problems.

The event saw participation from 42-curated teams with over 100+ participants selected from 500 applicants.

The teams crafted chat bots on customer support, medicine reminders, exam prep, health tracking, restaurant efficiency, soil testing, calorie counting, food ordering, personal DJing, Movies & Ticket ordering and much more.

Haptik and TLabs were out looking for standout chatbot creations and features that replaced websites, manpower, resources and expenses while delivering cutting edge high performing output enhancing user experience.

Mentors, who were assigned the task of shortlisting the standout ideas were Abhishek Gupta, COO TLabs; Abhimanyu Godara, Founder, Bottr.me; Swapan Rajdev, Co-founder and CTO, Haptik; Pratyush Prasanna, Founder of MagicTiger; Jayvardhan Sambedu, Technical Manager, Societe Genrale and Gaurav Munjal, CEO, Unacademy.

Further, the panel of judges included Sumit Jain, Kalaari Capital; Shailesh Lakhani, Sequoia Capital and Sumit Jain, CEO of Commonfloor.com.

The startups were selected on the basis of Originality of idea, Completeness, Conversational Capability, and Demo of the solution.

The startups who win the competition were Team CStrikers, Brocorp and SVEN and were awarded with INR 60k, 30k and 15k respectively.

Team CStrikers–  The startup has built a bot that helps one keep a track of your fitness goals and motivates them to achieve them by analysing your calorie intake and suggesting appropriate diet and workout regime.

Brocorp–  Brocorp has created a bot ‘BroTender’ that aims to automate and simplify customer interaction at bars and restaurants without the need for waiters and bartenders. When a user is at the table, the bot will allow him to ask menu or have it recommend one based on user’s taste. BroTender will add a note to the guys at the kitchen about any allergies user have or his preferences regarding flavor. It also allows the user the option of splitting and paying bills.

SVEN: A slack bot(DJ) for the team, to which any team member can request for the song. As requests keep coming in, it queues them. The bot also accepts controls like next, pause, clear playlist, etc. to operate on the playlist. It also suggests songs to the team based on the songs played so far. In addition to this, the bot provides additional information on the song like facts, trivia. This way a single person need not act as a DJ for the team, and the control is de-centralized.



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