India’s culture is adored all across the globe. The traditions, clothing and festivity is something that attracts a lot of foreigners to visit India to immerse themselves in such Indian customs, especially Indian Weddings. From grooms or brides to their families to relatives – Indian weddings are a festival in itself. The bling, attires and customs, attract people not only in India but also all around the world.

The wedding market in India is estimated to be over INR100,000 Cr. and is growing at 25 to 30 per cent annually, according to a study this year. The country has ample number of startups who are cashing in this segment – either by offering services which includes planning, booking products and of course by selling attires. Three women entrepreneurs from Hungary, Australia and India thought of doing something in the space but instead of going on that same copy pasted model of business, they figured out something which would serve their own kind.  


Based on the facet of culture mixing, JoinMyWedding launched just few weeks  back has started grabbing a lot of eyeballs of foreigners all across the world and Indians, here at home.

When Hungarian Marti Matecsa visited India many years ago to join in on a friend’s wedding celebration, she ended up having the time of her life. Over the few days she spent in India – joining in the revelry and celebrations that go hand-in-hand with an Indian wedding, an idea struck her. “The whole event was an amazing, unique experience. On my way back home, I kept thinking about how lucky I was to have had attended it and formed the idea of opening up weddings to foreigners,” she said.


How It Started Off

A little time later, Matecsa met with her two future co-founders, Orsi Parkanyi and Pallavi Savant at a startup conclave in Australia and instantly kicked it off – when she shared her idea of a wedding as a destination holiday.

With Pallavi at the helm of the India team, JoinMyWedding went live as a product – offering holidays to people, especially foreigners, to Indian weddings. Effectively, this became a way for young to-be married folks to crowdsource the expenses for their wedding. Having understood the problems faced by prospective newlyweds, JoinMyWedding has helped reduce the burden of an expensive wedding by helping reduce the cost crunch along with a unique experience for their guests as well.

A Holiday With A Difference

A typical cost for a person to attend such a wedding is around $150-$400 and includes staying at the location, food and wedding activities – which helps people with a curiosity in the Indian culture to completely immerse themselves in an all-encompassing experience.

The website also allows friends and family to contribute to the newlywed’s kitty and therefore helping them as they begin their journey.

The unique concept, has received traction from outside India as well, with holiday options to experience a Turkish wedding and a Russian wedding being very popular on their website. Those wishing to immerse themselves in a holiday of this sort can check out the many options available on the website.


The Venture’s Success

Having already helped connect over 40 weddings to 1000 guests – JoinMyWedding has just started to boom. Orsi says, ““For cultural experiences, nothing equals a wedding, more so in India. There’s food, music, dance, costume, rituals—it offers you a truly immersive experience.”

And how can we disagree? This startup which is a mix of an AirBnb and a Kickstarter has merely just come to the party and has taken cross-cultural exchanges to a whole new level. For the guests, all the elaborate wedding preparations will be a recipe for great food, but for these three women entrepreneurs, their idea is a total recipe for success.



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