Soft skills are often harder than hard skills and in entreprenurship how one implements these soft skills is what eventually works for the company.

Cold calls are mostly ignored. Recipients don’t pay much heed to them, and email replies are often rare, if not non-existent. At Startup Village (SV.CO), one of the many tasks they ask their incubatees to do is to make efficient cold calls so that recipients reach back.

One of their startups, Advoge recently practiced these skills by reaching out to influencers and entrepreneurs in the startup world but they didn’t aim small, they wrote out to the world’s best business people, and guess what – one of them replied. And it was none other than maverick boss, Virgin’s Richard Branson.

The company that describes itself as a product to create a “one step monetization for bloggers”, reached out to Richard Branson to introduce themselves and were pleasantly surprised and taken aback when Branson responded himself.

Branson said,

“Dear Varun, I can tell from your letter that you’re going to make a great success of your life and I wish you all the best with it. Follow and make your dreams. All the best, Richard.”


These words of motivation have already pumped up the company’s members and have taken Branson’s word to heart and are working towards their goals.

This excerpt shows that if one reaches out to mentors and people efficiently, chances are even the busiest and influential people in the world will respond to you.




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