In less than a decade, India has witnessed a substantial increase in the number of startups and entrepreneurs. With age barriers almost getting invisible, today we have entrepreneurs from 19 year old to fresh college graduates, college dropouts to experienced professionals – all mesmerizing the world with their innovative and out of box thinking.

With over 10X startups erupting every year, there has also been a substantial increase in number of startup communities on various networking platform. While all of these communities promise to help entrepreneurs, only a fraction of them are actually doing it.

One such community is Startup Delhi – a platform which helps entrepreneurs in getting all sorts of resources, be it the co-founder, team mates, and even funding. After battling three years with startups in media, fintech, and edtech, Abhishek Kumar Gupta. finally quit his job in December 2015 and started building this community.

Startup Delhi also organises regular meetups, almost every week, where speakers share their experiences. Meetups are an integral element of the community. More than entrepreneurs, meetups actually help aspiring entrepreneurs (or wannapreneurs) to come forward and learn the lesser known secrets and hustle of an entrepreneur.

As Abhishek Says, 

“Less than a year back, we were just a Facebook group with a vision to connect entrepreneurs with other meaningful people. Today, we have more than 30k members in our community, of which we closely work with hundreds of them. During the period of an year, we have built ourselves resources, a bit of an influence and off-course some experience which we gladly share with others. “

Till date Startup Delhi has helped various startups in raising funds and in finding co-founder through its ‘co-founder match making’ services.

Besides helping entrepreneurs, Startup Delhi is actively used by many college students and professionals who are looking for internship or change in Job.

On questioning Abhishek about his future plans with Startup Delhi, He said “I believe that big things are never planned. You just progress into it with your hard work and dedication. With Startup Delhi we will continue to help fellow entrepreneurs in various part of their venture.”



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