To start with a venture, the first thing an entrepreneur require is an idea that can be turned into a viable business model. But, in order to do this transition, one needs to learn and implement lots of other things beyond technology.

This includes HR, marketing, accounting, operations, PR, payments  and several other fields, where the startup needs to excel in order to make a sustainable and scaled business model.

California-based HeroPay Academy is one such startup focused on helping merchants make simple, seamless, and more informed decisions in payment processing purchasing segment.

HeroPay recently came out with an infographic showcasing ‘must haves’ for entrepreneurs in their startup toolkit for year 2017.

For each domain, a few companies have been suggested who are at present the leaders in providing solution for the same. For instance, in order to boost up the accounting, one can opt for software/tool/ solutions from companies such as QuickBooks, inDinero, and FreshBooks.

Check out more tools and companies in the infographic below:


[The article was first published on HeroPay website and has been reproduced with permission.]



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