With India being a diverse country offering a range of products in every nook and corner, it is a tedious task for a buyer to locate the desired stores. Even, it is difficult for buyers to choose stuff from thousands of online stores available, specifically in the fashion lifestyle segment.

Vanya Mishra and Apaksh Gupta, found this as an opportunity to launch SummerLabel – a fashion lifestyle store discovery app. Vanya is Femina Miss India World 2012 and has previously worked with Times Of India and multiple top fashion labels and designers in the country. Apaksh is a former restaurateur who founded an innovative outlet by the name of Smugglers in Delhi, under GMT Hospitality.

Founded in May 2016, the startup is based in Gurugram and aims to be a Zomato for Fashion and is operational only in Delhi/NCR. As Apaksh states, ”We aim to help the users discover some really amazing stores but not just that, we wish they thoroughly relate to the store’s brand image just like they relate to a Nike or Adidas.”

Vanya further added, “We want to empower the stores in their journey to become globally recognised names via projecting the right brand image to our users”.

Connecting The Dots

SummerLabel is connecting the dots for an everyday buyer to discover both offline and online stores. The strength of the product lies in the brand profile it builds for every store from a trustworthy store rating to telling consumer about the ideal budget he/she need to shop from a particular store.

As mentioned on Apaksh’s LinkedIn profile, the company stands at three pillars or three core principles.

Helping people discover great private label stores around them – The team gathers information from every private label store on a regular basis to ensure authenticity of data. Plus the platform also gets reviews from its community of fashion bloggers who share their reviews, to help user make an informed choice.

Personalised Shopping – SummerLabel simplifies shopping by bringing together all the stores in one convenient place. It also offers features like store photos, brand story, featured products and styling.

Enabling private labels to create amazing experiences – With dedicated engagement and management tools, the startup is enabling private labels to spend more time focusing on products itself, which translates directly to increased sales & better shopping experiences.

Key Differentiators And Monetisation Model

SummerLabel competes directly with plaforms like Fashalot, Findow in the fashion space. Additionally, there are models like Roposo, which focusses on product discovery and do not give the valuable information about the store. However as the founders believe, their approach towards the solution, especially with the valuable rating and the brand profile is the key differentiator as it helps the user in getting access to a previously undiscovered store.

It charges stores for engaging their store followers directly through push and in-app notifications about any sales / promotions / etc being offered at the store. Also, it provides them with an analytics platform which allows store owners to understand their target audience, their social influence and even helps instantly connect to these users.

Way Ahead

The founders will soon launch search capability through which users can filter stores by their location, by price range or even by things such as all stores famous for their quality or the ones that celebrities flaunt.

This will help the stores in increasing their sales by reaching efficiently to the targetted customer audiences with a holistic brand profile at the same time, understanding the customer shopping patterns better.

Also, the founders further plan to expand operations in Mumbai, and Bangalore in next six months.



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