Delhi has no dearth of talent. With the best engineering, management and arts schools in the country present right here in the capital, there is bound to be a great talent pool in this city of ours. A large chunk of those talented decide to go ahead and become an entrepreneur but are often pulled back from their goals due to opportunities to get involved with resources that are here in the city to help new businesses.

That’s where Accelerators help young entrepreneurs. They accelerate the speed of the business. They consist of short programs that bring together all the loose ends of a business and help the company release their product. Accelerators also help provide funding or connect them with prospective investors. Accelerators should not be confused with incubators (which we will discuss next week). Incubators are different in the sense that they are there to help create a product from prototype. It’s an earlier stage than accelerators. Therefore, now that one can see the advantage of accelerator resources, don’t forget to check out the top startup accelerators in Delhi:




One of the few accelerators in the country to have a presence in all 3 cities – Mumbai, Bengaluru & Delhi, GSF is led by Rajesh Sawhney, former President at Reliance Entertainment. GSF accelerates potentially successful ventures and their average investment ranges from US$ 15,000 – US$ 25,000 for around 5-8 percent equity. With many SuperAngels under their banner, GSF has continuously been one of the most sought after organizations for your entrepreneurs to partner with.



Jaarvis Accelerator

At Jaarvis, they believe that ideas become legacies when guided well. They select early stage technology – based startups and helps them rapidly build a sustainable business. Jaarvis Accelerator aims to guide ventures towards concrete plans for development, marketing and customer acquisition. Their programs are usually for 4 months long and they select only a handful of ventures per session.


BW Accelerate

Part of the Business World media group, their accelerate-entrepreneur program headed by Ashu Agarwal is a well-planned out focused and incisive workshop which lasts for 3 months where they work with selected ventures in fine tuning their operations and accelerate their business into the market. Their focus is to stay with a venture even after their early-stage has passed with hand holding during critical early business decisions and market access given their wide pool of resources at hand.

bw accelerate

GHV Accelerator

Standing for  Green House Ventures Accelerator, working on the lines of a green house, they provide Startups with a controlled environment, optimized & appropriate resources, along with sustainability funding thus helping them to grow multifold in a shorter timeframe. Run by Anurag Kapoor and Vikram Upadhyaya, their program usually runs for 12 months and their successes have been profound: having led 25 startups in India and helped another 100 startups in the world to receive funding up to US$ 10,000.






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