This is probably the story of your life too. Remember the days when you would revel in playing your favorite sport or game. You probably excelled in the sport too. You went through school and college and continued to display the same passion. And then you just resign, as you land into your first job.

You got obsessed with building your career, making little or no time for any recreational activity or sport or for family or friends. You may rationalize your behavior, quoting a lack of opportunity to play your sport, no playing partner, nowhere to play and what have you. And you’re probably right, but not anymore, because finally there’s a silver lining to your dark cloud. This is the debate that is put forth by the young and dynamic team of three sports and fitness enthusiasts – Rishi, Karan and Hetin, with their app Sporto.

Hustling their way, they have around 10,000 registrations from both online and offline mediums. “We are incubated by Amity Innovation Incubator and have an access to the student base at various campuses. We did our research and took registrations of those who showed keen interest in our idea. Similar research work was also done at various office areas in Noida and Gurugram,” said Rishi.

Global sports sector is estimated to be between $420-$600 Bn, where in some economies the sector contributes from 1-5 % of GDP, but in India it’s just a fraction as the initiatives are mostly taken by the government and in limited capacity by private sector under CSR activity.

The Sporto app has been designed and developed for both the Android and iOS platforms. Sporto users can access and use a host of features such as planning a game, finding a playing buddy, locating a sports facility in the neighbourhood; hosting a sports event and even finding a coach or trainer for your specific sport.

In 2016, Harbhajan Singh launched his sports app Ballr – which is a micro fantasy and fan engagement platform featuring rapid fire micro gaming experience. Virat Kohli also launched Fanbox which lets his fans connect with him and access him both digitally and in real life.

At present, the Indian market is estimated to have 93 Mn adult sports fans and the certainly the game is on for sporting mobile apps.



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