The only tool an artist’s life revolves around is an expression.

Some use it for a monetary purpose, while others want the world to know what their individualistic approach towards the society is. And then there are stories, real life scenarios, waiting to be addressed.

The rapper, Sofia Ashraf compiled the two.

Like a large sum of the youth, environmental issues concern her too. Her effort towards bringing to people’s notice how one of India’s biggest consumer goods company is poisoning certain regions turned out to become a worldwide phenomenon.

She is a rapper with a reason and a rhythm to follow. Her recent video song ‘Kodaikanal won’t’ did rounds around the globe. Her outburst is her tool, to address long-standing problems.

“An artist who doesn’t believe in his lyrics is like a painter who doesn’t believe in colors. Lyrics are all we have. Take that away and we are a hollow husk of drum and bass. To a rapper, words are a lover he cradles and coaxes into purring out a melody in his throat. Nothing gives us more pleasure than the relationship between sounds. We savor each ‘oh’ and ‘ah’, swishing it around our mouths like a fine wine.” said Sofia.

We’re a bunch of people who’re bored of the monotony plain simple text surrounds itself with, and so we need a source of entertainment to help us understand and perceive the world better. All of us believe that we’re here to bring about a change, how, we don’t quite have it figured out as yet.

After the viral video, there was no stopping her. From the Bhopal gas Tragedy which the next generation will be completely unaware of (until, they search for a cool rap online and come across Sofia’s work), or other such environmental issues…Sofia’s clarity of thought is something that all of us need to incorporate.

You can hear her talk about all of this and more at JOSH TALKS 2016; LEAP on the 22nd and 23rd of October at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi. Tickets at:



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