Businesses owned by brother-sister duos are hard to come by. There are many reasons as to why they’re a rare breed in our startup ecosystem – but the ones that have taken the leap have been very successful. Perhaps, because they are like best friends. Brothers will push their sisters to achieve greater heights while sisters will do anything to see their brothers successful.


Let’s check out some successful Indian startups that are run by brother-sister duos:

Base 501: Based out of Mumbai, Shefali & Hershey Desai run their own design studio in Khar West. Firm believers in the philosophy of good design, their work always makes their work stand apart from competitors. With seven years of combined past experience consulting clients on the importance of quality design solutions, they apply this knowledge by listening & guiding them to build meaningful brand executions. Shefali is responsible for  design direction and client satisfaction while Hershey currently manages the tasks of defining and implementing strategic initiatives as well as  design excellence.


Hashtag Marketing:  Gulnar & Yuvraj Virk run Hashtag marketing, an integrated marketing communications company with a mission to create and maintain a prominent position for your business in the right target markets at the right time. With digital weapons and instinctual strategies, their sharpened tools and specific techniques have helped many companies grow many fold.


I Say Organic: Akanksha and Ashmeet run this Delhi-based startup, that believes in giving its customers the option of eating safe and healthy food while supporting farmers who grow this food. Launching in 2012, it didn’t take them long before establishing their stronghold in providing high quality farm-fresh produce. I Say Organic provides deliveries to customers homes – with a wide product range of organic fruits, veggies & other organic groceries.


Alpha Cube: The funky duo of Zainali & Azra have taken over the personalized clothing sphere with their brand, Alpha Cube. Their custom hand painted shoes, apparels and sunglasses. Their products are always one-of-a-kind and have found fans all over the world.



Homegrown: Created by Varun Patra & Varsha, Homegrown has quickly become one of India’s fastest growing portal for Fashion, Art, Culture and Lifestyle. Their slick writing and quirky content has helped create a niche in the lifestyle news section in India.


Fitpass: Created by the duo of Akshay & Arushi Verma, the startup has tied up with over 1,100 gyms and fitness studios which can be accessed with one entry portal. Fitpass, set up as an online marketplace has been very successful – having recently received its Series A funding.




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