My partner and I met at work in an IT company in Bengaluru; life was like reliving college again!

Outsourced accounts that we worked with, empowered us with multiple domain knowledge and global exposure.

Though it was a comfortable work life in Bengaluru with a steady income, we decided to change our domain and try something out of the box. We moved to Kerala and started working with Kerala tourism products. I opted to work with developing companies instead of established ones. This gave me more exposure and learning, helped me build skills in multiple verticals.

Acquiring three years of experience and knowledge in South India tourism, we made another life

decision – this time, setting up something of our own. There were a couple of thoughts that drove us to take the plunge. One, we are such people that whether we work for someone or ourselves, it is the same amount of effort and sincerity we put in. So, we thought, why not work for ourselves.

As a result, our tourism startup, Xperience Unlimited, was born. We spent time exploring villages on the base of the Himalayan hills, studying aspects of rural life and local culture to build a sustainable responsible tourism company.

Getting Started

Initially, we worked offline with a few India-based travel companies, operating tour packages at

Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. We helped them design trips, manage logistics, and provide services to their customers. In the process, we gained considerable domain-specific knowledge.

Launching our online presence truly helped give our business wings. The name of our tourist portal had to resonate with and represent our service offerings, and the name did complete justice to this strategy. We decided to pick a .com domain extension, since this would guarantee global recognition and outreach for our business.

Our website is basically our virtual office. It gives us a place to pull together all our information and also engage with customers. In fact, we host an interactive blog for our customers on our website, wherein, they share their memorable, interesting and fun-filled experiences.

This practice of experience-sharing among customers has fetched us the desired business outcomes, both in terms of quality (customers vouching for us in their online testimonials about how we facilitated them with great travel experiences) and quantity (we have achieved business profits,healthy margins and earnings in the due course of time)!

Today, we’re proud that the profits from our first venture have actually enabled us to fund a new

venture, which is correlated with tourism.

Our Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Registering a domain is the easiest first step to kickstart your dream project. Setting up a new

business is like growing a tree. First plant the seed, water it such that it grows into a plant and then continue to nurture it till it blossoms into a full-grown fruit-bearing tree! It all begins with planting the seed and continuing to nurture it.

The .com domain is simply one of the most widely recognised and it has stood the test of time.

So, pick wisely and watch your business grow!

The author of this post is Shaun Wahid, the founder of Xperience Unlimited.



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