An entrepreneur’s life is full of struggles and aspirations. Juggling between personal and professional life, one often develops a feeling of lost hope and failure. We bring you a short collection of motivational dose to boost up the momentum throughout the week.


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Go. Take that leap of faith, you may fall. At least you’ll have an experience of falling and start all over again!

jeff bezos

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Contemplate. Bring out the best in you. Gain as much as you can!

elon musk

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A journey within oneself is a journey undertaken. Start it right away!


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 Push yourself until you get a high of success and happiness!

bill gates

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Broaden your perspective to have a better solution to your problems!

steve jobs

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Undertake a task for which you’re willing to sweat it out, willing to cry for. Let your idea drive you crazy until you reach the milestone.



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