It’s so truly termed as – If people don’t know you are in business, you are NOT in business. If you want your brand to be an emperor in your industry – The new age of marketing, ‘Digital Media’ is not just important, but mandatory.

When to start, on Which platform to be active, and How to do, are few troublemaking questions one goes through in initial stages of brand building. Here are some pen points one should follow to smoothly become active online :

  1. Choosing social media platforms –

The most initial decision which shall determine all future working’s for our digital path is on what all platforms we need to be active on. A strong digital marketing strategy generally incorporates all social media forums appropriate to your organization, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. These tools have different purposes: Twitter has become a virtual telephone, a way for customers to lodge complaints or ask questions, whereas image-driven social media – such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – are a great way to get viral with visual storytelling. It’s also vital to stay connected to new trends, such as LinkedIn’s recent Influencers program, which promotes industry insiders as thought leaders and offers them a forum to share wisdom.

As per your business, it could be started with effectively being active on couple of platforms initially, and than gradually could be extended to other platforms.

  1. Be Mobile –

The efforts made will be futile if the activities are not planned with keeping mobile as major platform. More and more of us are accessing information on-the-go. Having a website that uses responsive design for various mobile formats – smartphones, tablets, etc – gives your company a competitive edge.

  1. Being active –

Once all platforms are active and set, its time to roll with sharing best informative data about our brand. Do remember 2 golden rules here – 1. Don’t share all you know. The objective is the lure target audience with proper call to action, and strictly is NOT the conversion. Final sale happens only when digital objective of bringing customer till us is completed.

  1. Permission marketing –

A very important aspects need to be kept in loop while executing digital planning. Instead of push marketing, ‘Permission Marketing’ is new age way, and connects with audience effectively.

  1. Remarketing –

Since only 2% of traffic converts on a first visit, retargeting is a simple, powerful way to keep your brand and product in the minds of potential customers and requires little effort on the part of the company. 

  1. User engagement generation –

More the people love to participate in our posts / contests / campaigns, more they’ll be involved to in parallel know about our product / service too. Leveraging platform for community building where same interest holding people are connecting to each other – can be a big marketing booster for brand.

  1. Effective Digital Ad’s –

Executing smart digital strategies is half the work done, making the hard work done reach till the target audience with effective digital ad’s on several platforms is other half. The ad’s on Facebook, Google, Linkedin are detailed and hyperlocal ad’s. They allow you to reach audience staying within 3 km’s of your retail store, how good is that.

  1. Keeping fans involved till end goal –

Eventually the game is not just to have bright show off, but reaching the end goal as well. Here we need to plan monthly digital strategy in accordance with utilizing the fans and user engagement generated.

  1. Adapt to changing scenarios –

The digital world is running faster on level where we as human generation had never ran. The brands that didn’t exist in 2006 – iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Uber, Airbnb, Android, Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp. Today these are most happening things of our universe. Henceforth, while executing our digital strategies we need to be completely aware of new happenings as well, and adapting to new age introductions.

About The Author:

Manish Vaswani

He is Chief Creative Officer at Fullscoop, which aims to be India’s best Hospitality based digital ad agency. Manish started the same in 2011, and presently look after 50+ properties globally. He is an avid reader and randomly writes blog articles on digital industry.



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