Unless you’re not from this planet, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go and the craze surrounding it. Even the most laziest of people have been walking extra miles on their devices for their quest to become the greatest Pokémon Master the world has ever seen.
Now, the creators of the game, Niantic expected a cult following behind their game but the craze has crossed even their own expectations. Within the first few days, servers broke down due to the high traffic coming from all over the world. Pokémon Go has broken all technology barriers and here are some facts that will blow your mind.


1. Five days after Pokémon Go’s launch, Nintendo’s market value increased by US$ 9 Bn. (Yes, you read that right)

2. There was a global drop in pornography website traffic the day Pokémon Go was released

Porn in Red, Pokémon Go in Blue

3. Pokémon Go became the most downloaded app ever – that too on the first day of its release

4. By July 15, more than 1.3 Million people in Netherlands were playing Pokémon Go – except the game wasn’t even released there. Such is the craze.

5. Nick Johnson is the first man to catch all Pokémons. He said it took him 8 miles of walking everyday. He lost 10 pounds in the process.

6. During its peak – a Pokémon Go game was downloaded every 55 seconds on an Apple device and every 26 seconds on an Android device.

7. Within a month of its launch, Pokémon Go became the highest gross earning app in the world as well as crossed US$ 200 Mn. in revenue.

8. Pokémon Go is expected to generate more than US$ 3 Bn. over the next 24 months for Apple Inc.

9. It took Pokémon Go just 13 Hours to reach the top of the highest grossing app chart in the USA

10. The average daily usage of the app on Android devices in July 2016 exceeded Snapchat, Tinder, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Pokémon Go is here to stay! And if you haven’t yet gotten hooked on to it – what have you been doing with your time?!?!

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