The fight to find new customer bases in the hotel room aggregation sphere is getting fierce. We all know the reach of OYO Rooms, now having a valuation of over US$ 400 million is the largest player in the sphere. But there exists another player known as StayUncle who provide hotel rooms for short durations to couples who would like some privacy.

Recently, OYO announced its “Relationship Mode” which was its new plan to give safe, secure and private hotel rooms for unmarried couples for shorter durations. A progressive thought, OYO was compared by many in the startup sphere as having copied the niche StayUncle’s brand model.

StayUncle’s founders, known for their candid nature, recently wrote on their blog to reach out to readers on his thoughts on the new OYO scheme and boy, was he candid.

Blaze, a co-founder compared this development as a David vs Goliath battle and that it was actually David’s victory (StayUncle) that they managed to bring OYO (Goliath) “to their knees.”

When asked why he takes a competitor’s policies so personally, he said:

It is personal when a bunch of high paid dudes in some fancy office can barely do any better from a punk who eats his nails(himself). This is about you and slaying whatsoever holds you back just because of the illusion of size.

Blaze made sure to compare numbers between the two brands to try to bring to light “how worried” the “dudes” at OYO were that they were rattled by a startup that works out of a Rs. 15,000 office space (which doubles up as a co-founders apartment too), a marketing budget or Rs. 3,200 and a mere internet connection of Rs. 1000.

He goes on to write,

The very fact that Oyo copied StayUncle not just in the concept but part in our branding and campaign should tell you a lot – Everything is possible. The dominion of huge spoiled piggish companies just because they have botloads of cash to throw is over – Nothing can fight the power of the community in a digitally connected world.

The problem unmarried couples face with respect to privacy is a real thing. StayUncle’s concept therefore is a wonderful addition to the progressive nature of our country and the fact that OYO too has started their “Relationship Mode” like StayUncle clearly shows that our country needs to move forward, and that it is moving forward. We don’t know what the next episode of this David vs Goliath battle will be like, but one thing is for sure – all of these developments are good for the Hotel Room Aggregation sphere as well as for Modern India.

You can read the whole blog entry here.



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