Knowing your buzzwords are good. But, using the same clichés and stereotypes to define your product or brand can never be productive. The best use of different terms is to define yourself uniquely from others, but in this day-and-age, using these terms just make you as common as the many others using these terms –


Uber for X Describing your brand as an “uber” for, let’s say, groceries means that you’re not being able to come up with a new value proposition and you’re positioning your brand accordingly. It’s never good to bite off the success of another brand. Try making you’re own.


Disruptive – Firstly, not every company that is going to disrupt the startup world. And not every startup that does disrupt the industry does not succeed. And most importantly, not every startup that is successful has become so by trying to disrupt.


Pivot – The problem with the word pivot is that startups use it to describe a complete overhaul of their business strategy and targets – which primarily suggests that they’ve moved to a different strategy because their first one failed.


A Revolutionary – Unless your product is already revolutionary, you’re using this wrong. Try more like, “We want to be a revolutionary”, instead.  “Unless your company has already revolutionized an industry, stop getting ahead of yourselves and using this lofty word”, says Kelsey Meyer of Influence & co.


Best – This is probably the worst word you can use to describe your startup. Basically, you’re trying to say that your product is better than every other product in that sphere – which is in all cases, neither true nor descriptive enough. Also, to others it shows immaturity and naivety.


Registered Members – One cannot fool those in the business long enough by mentioning your registered members, since it is a facade too often. Instead try using “Active Users” as a better tool to show your growth since it shows current success trends of your product.


Serial Entrepreneur – Very few people actually create multiple highly-successful businesses. They are called serial entrepreneurs. The other 99 percent are merely people who try our hand at a business, do well or do bad – doesn’t matter. Then we try our hand at another business and another and another – till we find our perfect formula for success. And we have a word for that – it’s called Entrepreneur.


Gamify – Gamify only suggests that you’ve created such a boring product that you’ve had to create a game around it for anyone to be remotely interested in it. It probably means that the product isn’t foolproof in the first place. Way too many businesses are trying to Gamify their products to succeed – and guess what, not many have.


Platform – Quite an overused word, platform is used by entrepreneurs to refer to anything they have. Unless the product is an API, it’s merely an app. Calling anything else a platform is just making it more cluttered than it needs to be.




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