Mumbai based, an event – brand partnership platform startup has raised $150K from Indore’s Swan Angel Network.

Onspon offers a technological platform to help brands find the best event to partner with and helps entrepreneurs create profitable well managed events. It connects brands with event organizers through an algorithm based on the demographic data of audience, geography targets of brands and marketing budgets of brands.

The company has already worked with 9000+ events, 12,500+event managers, 350+ brands, 10000 Mn+ sponsorships on the website.

Hitesh Gossain, says, “There are several startups and new-age brands nowadays that are in requirement of associations and synergies to attain a product market fit and reach scale. Brands can now select which audience they want to target at what time – and can use Onspon Smartboard to create a custom calendar for event association with budgets at a click of a button. 350+ top brands like Tata Motors, Daikin, Adani,, Mahindra Holidays, Zebronics, Nissan are already using our services and this number is increasing every day.”

As per IEG, Event sponsorships is a $56 Bn industry with almost 4 Bn of the same coming from Indian sub-continent. India is on the cusp of being a high event consumption nation with live events as a growing space – which will drive brands attention towards events even better ; and with Onspon bridging this discovery gap ; the team is excited to grow and engage with maximum events and brands. ‘We have a great team in place and are all set to scale up our business with this fund’ , Hitesh added.

The angel round of funding will be deployed primarily towards scaling up operations, marketing and enhancing the technology backbone of the product.

Abhishek Sanghvi, co-founder of Swan Angel Network, believes that the concept of automating the process of making sponsorship decisions is something that is both highly scalable and impactful. It is about whether the team has the right drive, hunger and humility. “With Onspon, I realized that the founders had a strong passion and motivation to solve this problem and we believe that the team has found a viable solution to this problem. As an investor I believe that the events and sponsorship sector is a massive opportunity that is yet to be tapped, and we believe that Onspon has the right motivation to solve this problem,” he added.




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