Last week the Union Public Service Examinations (UPSC) declared the results for the IAS Prelims conducted on 7th August. And out of over 15000 students selected from the preliminary round, 428 used OnlineTyari for their preparations. 

More than 4 lakh aspirants had registered for IAS exam on OnlineTyari platform in the last 9 months. Atleast 50% of the selected students had used as many as 20 different study material like mock test, e-books and question banks readily available on OnlineTyari before the actual exam.


Bhola Meena, Founder, OnlineTyari said, 

This is the first time that any online platform has given such large number of selections in IAS prelim exam! We believe that through technology we can help millions of aspirants who do not have access to good quality study material and proper guidance to improve their performance in these highly competitive exams.”

A further analysis into the usage pattern of these 428 successful candidates gave some interesting insights which goes on to show the changing dynamics of education sector in India.


Firstly, 90% of the selected candidates used OnlineTyari’s mobile app for exam preparation vs the 10% using their website. The anytime, anywhere flexibility of mobile phones has helped in the early adoption of online preparation by India’s young aspirants.

Secondly, 60% of users had 2G connection vs 30% with 3G and only 10% had 4G. The poor network connectivity and high data charges pose a big challenge for users but that still don’t seem to discourage aspirants from using mobile apps.


Thirdly, 70% of the successful aspirants were preparing in Hindi language compared to 25% preparing in English and 5% in Marathi.

Our users are from multiple states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP, Bihar and parts of Chattisgarh. The diversity is further reflected through the participation of some north-eastern regions of the country as well”, Mr. Meena added.

Online Tyari was started two years back by an IIT and IIM alumni and has grown tremendously since then. More than 400,000 unique users visit OnlineTyari from all across the country on a daily basis. Currently, more than 3.5 million tests and 730 million questions have been attempted on their platform. 




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