Lately, the Indian startup scene has changed a lot, with many young and first generation entrepreneurs paving the way for others with their success stories.

To celebrate these risk-takers, Mumbai-based audio content creators Indus Vox Media have launched a new show titled ‘My Neighbour Zuckerberg.’

Indus Vox Media was launched in March 2015 by Amit Doshi with a vision to disrupt the audio entertainment space. A claimed by the founder, the company has grown to become India’s largest podcast network and industry model for digital audio content, in less than one year.

The company creates and provides quirky and urban audio content in varied genres to 1000s of listeners every day. It has podcasts in genres ranging from comedy to sports, economics to culture, fashion and even music, creating a gamut of qualitative and quantitative content in the podcast industry.

Shows such as ‘Cyrus Says,’ ‘Cricketwalla Chronicles,’ Maed in India, Eat Sleep Joke Repeat and more are immensely popular.

The new show is hosted by Munaf Kapadia, co-founder of The Bohri Kitchen and Nabeel Merchant, co-founder of Fixy. As stated by Munaf and Nabeel, “At ‘My Neighbour Zuckerberg’, we invite ordinary people, maybe someone you pass through while jogging on the road. It could also be a guy you recently met when you ‘pooled an Uber. Or, wait… it could also be your neighbour. But what makes these ordinary people extraordinary is their journey. It’s their story which is truly inspirational because it’s filled with adventure and struggle.”

The show will bring stories of adventure, struggle, creativity and tales of the underdog who battled dragons to take his ambitions to a logical conclusion. Not necessarily a million-dollar valuation, but something equally difficult, with a point of no regret.

The team recently aired the first podcast with Satyajit Roy, founder and CEO of Mumbai-based EGK Foods Pvt. Ltd – the everyday gourmet kitchen. Satyajit runs this fantastic business where he sells fried onions, popularly known as The OnionKnight. As Munaf recalled on the show, “I first came across Satyajit’s profile on Facebook, where he called himself as ‘Satyajit OnionKnight Roy. And my first impression was like this guy must be like some of those nerds or geeks who role play in games.”

After an amusing anecdote about himself, Satyajit talked about EGK. As he shared, EGK was started in December 2014 from his house kitchen with a simple idea – How can I make my mom’s life easy on a Sunday while she is preparing Biryani.  As he tells further,

“Being a Bengali, we have this tradition to cook humungous amounts of Mutton Biryani every Sunday, and distribute the leftovers to watchmen, and other people. So every Sunday, when I woke up, I found my house filled with onion fumes and find my mother chopping and frying a big bag of onions.”

From there, the thoughts build up to order some fried onion directly from the market, and when he didn’t find any, EGK was born.

How Satyajit then went about collecting retailers, and actually creating a market for a product that didn’t exist earlier is all shared in the audio clip below:



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