In the last seven episodes of ‘My Neighbour Zuckerberg’, we took you through the exciting and thoughtful journey of seven ordinary people with extraordinary entrepreneurial journeys.

The list included – Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria, the founder of Timeless Innovation Labs (TIL); Pratik Saraogi, co-founder and CEO of ActoFit wearables; Rohan Mangalorkar, whose venture called @Pack-a-pav serves unique pav-based dishes; Amit Thaker, co-founder of The Great Next; Satyajit Roy, founder and CEO of Mumbai-based EGK Foods Pvt. Ltd, Mulchand Dedhia, the founder of Meter Down and PhotoKonnect, and Ajay Adiseshann, the Founder and Managing Director of PayMate.

Those who have just joined in the show, My Neighbour Zuckerberg was launched in January 2017 by Mumbai-based Indus Vox Media. The idea is to celebrate the extraordinary journeys of ordinary people, who have turned into successful entrepreneurs.

The show will bring stories of adventure, struggle, creativity and tales of the underdog who battled dragons to take his ambitions to a logical conclusion. Not necessarily a million-dollar valuation, but something equally difficult, with a point of no regret.

In the ongoing series, we bring to you the eighth episode of the audio show, hosted by Munaf Kapadia, co-founder of The Bohri Kitchen and Nabeel Merchant, co-founder of Fixy. To the studio was invited, Pronoti Datta, journalist and co-founder of the Mumbai based food and culture website The Daily Pao.

Listen to Pronoti and find out how The Daily Pao came into existence, how they covers a wide variety of avenues with very limited staff and resources, how they got the uniques on the website in the first months, how digital media is a different ball game than traditional print media and their future plans. Hit play to tune in.



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