In the last two episodes of ‘My Neighbour Zukerberg’, we took you through the exciting and thoughtful journeys of Satyajit Roy, founder and CEO of Mumbai-based EGK Foods Pvt. Ltd and Mulchand Dedhia, the founder of Meter Down and PhotoKonnect.

In January 2017, Mumbai-based Indus Vox Media launched a new show titled ‘My Neighbour Zuckerberg’, to celebrate the extraordinary journeys of ordinary people, who have turned into successful entrepreneurs.

The show will bring stories of adventure, struggle, creativity and tales of the underdog who battled dragons to take his ambitions to a logical conclusion. Not necessarily a million-dollar valuation, but something equally difficult, with a point of no regret.

In the ongoing series, Misfits gets hold of the third episode of the audio show, hosted by Munaf Kapadia, co-founder of The Bohri Kitchen and Nabeel Merchant, co-founder of Fixy. To the studio was invited, Founder and Managing Director of PayMate,a Ajay Adiseshann. Paymate was the first company in India to introduce the concept of the mobile wallet for the B2B space.

As Nabeel mentioned during the show, “Ajay can easily be marked as one of the pioneers in payment space. He came up with a B2C solution pretty much when no one was looking at this space.”

Listen to Ajay talk about the humble beginnings of his venture, the hurdles he had to overcome, how the payment space has evolved over the last decade and how easier payment modes can help small businesses thrive in India.



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