Millennials are the newest lot of us, who grew up in the 21st century. They have been described to be naive, protected, pampered and so on. Sagoon is an online social commerce platform that connects you with like minded people to confess and share experiences, where they recently compiled a list of top weird confessions millennials made on their profile. 

1. On my way to college, a monkey came, snatched my cell phone and climbed to the top of a tree. I hurled a stone towards monkey. In return, the monkey threw my phone down and it hit me hard on my head. I almost fainted. Never go close to monkeys.


2. Once I was travelling in a bus. I saw someone’s wallet on the floor and picked it up. First, I thought of returning but I put it in my bag. Suddenly, the owner of the purse grabbed my shirt from back. I was so embarrassed.

3. I am a guy who likes pink lips, so I apply a light pink lipstick every day.


5. I sometimes sniff my boyfriend’s jeans at the crotch before washing them. I love his smell

6. When I was fourteen I ran naked in the street, just to know what it felt like to run naked

7. I used to eat the dead skin off my feet when I got nervous


8. I met a girl online and fell in love with her. She was so beautiful. I called her to meet but I was shocked after seeing her. She was an old woman. 

9. I work at a call centre. I can mimic different voices. My manager asks me to speak in the voice of a young woman to sell credit cards. I love it!

10. I was babysitting a child once. He was just 6-month old. Suddenly, he got up, came to me and said “you are nice, I like you”. I was so shocked. At that age, no baby can walk and formulate sentences.


11. A fortune teller told me to not eat sugar for 4 days. He said it will bring good luck. I didn’t eat sugar for 3 days and on the 4th day, I fainted. Doctors said my glucose level had gone down. These fortune tellers are full of crap.

12. I found porn in my father’s phone. Since then, I have lost all respect for him. How can a father indulge him in such a disgusting pleasure?

13. I came to know that my boss only hired because I look good. And I thought he hired me because of my hard work and experience. How can one be so disgusting?

14. I had rejected 9 boys and had to say to the 10th one because of the family pressure. After marriage, he told me that he was a gay and married me just to hide his ‘gay identity’. I wish I could kill him for ruining my life.

15. My birth date is a joke. I was born on 1st April and instead of sending me birthday wishes, people send me ‘Happy April Fools Day’. It’s irritating. #Anger5




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