Ever imagined what it would be like to move in the Large Hadron Collider? A high energy particle travelling at the speed of light, colliding until the great Big Bang.

When it comes to an entrepreneur’s journey, life is seldom different.

The daily trysts with failures, the burdens of innovating constantly, the uphill climb towards resource optimization, days stretching into nights and nights stretching into mornings, possibility of failure trailing like a shadow at every turn, a spirit that simply can’t afford to die till dreams have been fashioned out of concrete, the unlimited caffeine intake and the never ending hustling…the journey is similar to that high energy particle in the Collider whooshing towards either success of failure…the tussle between the two never ending at any point….

And yet all he moves forward with is a vision. A passion. A dream. And the desire to build something no one has ever built before. This video beautifully sums up the life of an entrepreneur in just 90 seconds.




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