Mumbai-based 360 degree solution provider for all pet needs, Leopetra has been selected for Facebook’s developer-focused programme “FbStart” which caters to the early-stage, mobile-focused startups.

As part of the programme, the startup will be provided with services and credits worth $40,000. The services include mentorship from Facebook’s engineering teams and services from its partners like Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, Adobe, and MailChimp. Besides partners, it will give free access to more than 25 services including open source tools like React Native, FB Login and Account Kit and App Analytics.

Launched in October 2016 by Pranab Buragohain and Zubin Raja, Leopetra aims to be a one-stop app for all pet needs. As Pranab reminisces, “Almost 8 years ago, Zubin and I were part of the same project. I used to drive the business, while he was part of the tech team. Over tea breaks, we would often discuss the possibility of creating something unique and disruptive, from scratch. Something, that solves a major problem. He was one of the wittiest & analytical of the lot, and when I wanted to startup, I found myself placing him a call, in no time.”

With their Android app already hitting the Google play store, the iOS app is due for launch in February and a fully functional website in mid – march this year.

The app provides almost all kind of information about various pets such as their temperament, nutrition & training needs, friendliness, etc. One can also schedule an appointment with a Leopetra certified Vet in their locality and can lookup ratings of Day Care centres to sit their pets while they are gone, or find Pet Friendly restaurants nearby.

The founders claim to have organically generated close to 1000 downloads on Google Play with around 5.5k unique monthly visitors on site. The company is currently operational in 7 cities – Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore.

Going ahead, the founders want to be available on most relevant platforms, and provide all inclusive services in over 50 cities and towns in the country, in the near future.

Facebook launched FbStart in 2014 with an aim to help early-stage mobile startups build and grow their apps. It provides an exclusive community, worldwide events, and mentorship from Facebook to the startups along with $80K in free tools and services.

FbStart includes three tracks, viz., Pre-launch (up to $15K benefits), Bootstrap (up to $30K benefits), and Accelerate (up to $80K benefits). The programme provides free access to more than 25 services including open source tools like React Native, FB Login and Account Kit and App Analytics.

India is the largest market for FbStart outside the US. According to the product partnerships team at Facebook, over 75% of top-grossing apps in India get integrated with Facebook.

Other startups accepted to FBStart programme this year include Video Vibe, FoodCloud, Healofy, AsepsisLife, Partiko, Flicksup, CoutLoot, XPrep, Fixu and more.



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