Everyone’s first job is special. They are a milestone in people’s lives and are often met with excitement and celebration. But, as jobs change successively, we lose our excitement to work and lose our enthusiasm. Many successful people in the world have not  hit the jackpot at their first job itself. Instead, they have hovered around peripheral industries before making it big in their current profile.

Recently, the hashtag #FirstSevenJobs has been trending on on various social media channels like Twitter & Instagram where top entrepreneurs from India and the world have been sharing the first seven jobs in their life! The path to success is not always obvious and these entrepreneurs show how important it is to be dynamic.

If we see a trend, all of today’s successful entrepreneurs started off in a completely different field than where they started off. The nostalgic journey of many of these entrepreneurs made for a fun few days on social media.


Here’s what they had to share:


Sachin Bansal – Founder of Flipkart

sachin bansal

Mahesh Murthy – Serial Investor & Marketer

tweet4 mahesh murthy


Gaurav Munjal – CEO of Unacademy

tweet2 gaurav munjal



Vijay Shekhar Sharma – CEO of One97 and PayTm

tweet3 vijay shekhar



Santosh Panda – Founder of Explara

tweet5 santosh panda

Therefore it doesn’t matter what the destination is, the journey is what makes it worthwhile.

And finally, guess who didn’t share her #firstsevenstories on Twitter?

Sheryl Sandberg – COO of Facebook

sheryl sandberg


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