Age is just a number and sometimes people like Hamraj Kumar prove this adage true. This 18 year old boy has not only thought to change something big in India’s healthcare sector but is also working hard towards making it a reality.

Every one of us is afraid to do something early in our life because of the fear to fail due to our inexperience. But, Hamraj has proved all of this wrong and is firmly moving towards his goal. He started a company named Cureinstant to make our life better. The inception of the idea was based on a mere fact that when in this social world everything around us is social then why not our health. Hamraj says,  “There are problems in everyone’s life but the biggest problem of today is bad health.”

The platform also enables to book appointments with doctors and there are plethora of options that enables a patient to keep their health related documents on the cloud. The availability of health reports on the cloud will increase the way in which reports are shared by the doctors, labs and patients.

Cureinstant is a new startup that aims to bring a change in the life of the people. His idea is simple – a social health networking website. It is a platform where patients, doctors, medical stores, pathology labs, fitness centre and many other health professionals can come together. Imagine a platform where different doctors of the same disease are helping a patient find the cure.


The patient will feel very much secured and assured towards the treatment it is receiving. A doctor prescribes some medicine on the platform and the medical stores are available for the bringing the medicine to the patients home. The doctor prescribes a medical test and the pathology labs are there to make it happen. With the growth in Science and Technology there has been a major decrease in the healthcare. We can tweet about what we are thinking but there is no platform to make us say that we are sick. There are possibilities that someone in our social life has faced the problems of the disease themselves and might have a helping hand for us.

Cureinstant is a unique and viable indea that can bring about a radical change in the patient’s life due to them being active socially and has raised an investment of 1CR from Dr. Rameshwar Kumar.




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