Google is reportedly working on its latest smartphones, a home WiFi router, a 4K Chromecast, with Google WiFi. Most probably these hardware products will make their debut on October 4.

Google has been long rumoured to be working on a hybrid operating system. Now, Google seems to be planning the new OS codenamed as ‘Andromeda.

New Pixel Tablet Or Just A Demo?

New Pixel tablet or just a demo?

However, the merger between Chrome OS & Android would seem to be the next big experiment by Google. Recently ChromeBook got the ability to run the Android.

Hiroshi dropped a clue on his Twitter handle

We announced the 1st version of Android 8 years ago today. I have a feeling 8 years from now we’ll be talking about Oct 4, 2016. 

After this tweet, it is highly expected that Google is going to announce a new operating system or something special about the Android revolution.


What is Google Doing Secretly?

What is Google doing secretly?

Bison (codename of the device) is reportedly an ultra-thin convertible laptop. It may feature a 12.3-inch display and will be powered by Intel’s Core m series processor, with seventh-generation processors. So expect the processor to upgrade from Core m to Core, i5 processor. The device is expected to come with 32 or 128GB storage and 8 or 16GB RAM.


Does this exist?

Does this exist?

Android Police resources have confirmed the existence of this new operating system. The OS is working, and they are testing this OS internally.

Nexus 6P will get the update.

Nexus 6P will get the update.

There are rumours that Google will release a new device which will feature this hybrid operating system.


New Google Pixel laptops

 Sadly, this laptop wouldn’t be due until Q3 2017, and a lot could change the hardware between the older and newer device. We are waiting for this exciting Google project.

RIP Nexus series

RIP Nexus series.

The new Pixel series will replace the current Nexus series. Read about Google Pixel and Pixel XL from here.


Why Andromeda?

Why Andromeda?

Google is apparently trying to integrate ChromeOS into Android in Andromeda project. Andromeda might be a portmanteau of Android and Chrome. However, there are no signs of it.


What is going on Google’s mind?

What is going on Google's mind?



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