Succeeding in a tight and crowded industry can often be very hard. Having a large number of players makes it one to efficiently differentiate their product from others and creating a sustainable product is more and more difficult. One of such markets is the Food market in this current startup ecosystem. Because of the number of available options – the saturated market becomes difficult for any one player to have a stronghold in.

One such company, Zoe, started by Taniya Dhirasaria looks to change all of that. Someone who has always been ready to take challenges up front, Taniya’s Zoe is a one-stop shop to order healthy food options. A health and nutrition conscious person herself, she has bought together a wide range of products for residents of Gurgaon with her parfaits, detox juices, healthy meals and fresh juices, suitable for a wide range of taste buds. Working as a subscription service as well as a stand-alone delivery service, her products have revolutionized eating habits in Gurgaon.

A go-getter from the beginning of her professional life, Taniya quit her very comfortable job at Myntra to build something of her own. She decided to become an entrepreneur when she met her husband Karan Jindal. She says, “I used to brainstorm with my husband about different things like technology, customer experience, growth, sales, good product, marketing vs. sales and so on and they used to be so intense that I decided to take the plunge.” Although her parents were apprehensive at first about her quitting her comfortable and well-paying job to start something of her own, she decided to create Zoe nonetheless.

Taniya always wished to do something in the food space. But she wanted to do something more meaningful than selling pizza & dessert. Being from a retail background herself, her life experiences showed her that everyone around her was extremely conscious about their weight and health and often ended up going to dire straits to take care of their figure. What she realized was that most people just didn’t eat right and had poor health habits, because of which  they got nutritionally deprived. That’s why she wished to create a product in the food space that was most importantly a nutrition-first brand and thus solve this ‘pain-point’ by creating the ultimate menu that would give people the nutrition they deserve as well as keep their calorie in check.

A very  environmentally conscious brand, Zoe lets their past used jars of parfait as currency in exchange for a new parfait – a concept that they hope will reduce waste in their own microscopic way.


A rare women entrepreneur in the startup sphere, we asked her what tips she had for budding entrepreneurs. Here’s what she had to say:

“Well, just take the plunge, because it’s now or never. If you don’t do it now, it will be tougher to do it later. Don’t get bogged down by societal pressure, just believe in yourself, and if you feel that your idea is worth it, then go for it and finally take risks, because the higher the risk, the higher the return!”

With a daily revenue of Rs. 50,000 a day within Gurgaon itself, Taniya’s future plans are to make her revenues touch Rs. 1 Lac in Gurgaon before opening kitchens in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Zoe products are daily produced in the early hours of the morning and are delivered fresh daily.



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