Business owners who are siblings, are rare. And even if they are, they’re usually made up of two brothers or two sisters – but rarely the deadly combination of a brother and a sister. Usually brothers and sisters have a love-hate relationship. Even though brothers and sisters constantly argue, there is a bond of leadership, love and friendship that always exists between. This Rakhi we are celebrating this relationship at Misfits by sharing the story of a startup run by a brother-sister duo.

One Internet was started by Ritika & Himanshu Bindal in September 2015 as a co-working space in Delhi’s Connaught Place area before developing into a holistic startup workplace – featuring accelerator programs, incubation opportunities, virtual address, investment support and a plethora of other opportunities for small startups to utilize. The duo wish to let their startup be the platform for other startups to develop their ideas into successful ventures.

Ritika Bindal, Co-Founder, One Internet

Ritika always wanted to be a jewellery designer. A graduate in Marketing Management from Bradford in England, she realized the many difficulties young entrepreneurs faced while starting up. She says, ” While I was working on my start-up, I faced lot of obstacles and realised that there is a gap in society for start-ups in terms of resources and proper infrastructure.” That’s when she decided to partner with her brother, Himanshu – also a management graduate from Bradford. “Until recently these start-ups did not have the exposure to co-working and community building places. That’s when Himanshu & I decided to do something for young entrepreneurs and that’s how the idea of One Internet struck us”, she adds.

Mr. Himanshu Bindal, Co-Founder, One Internet

Let’s catch up with the duo with some more questions this Raksha bandhan:

How were the two of you as kids?

Ritika: As a child Himanshu and I use to tease and irritate each other but can’t even live without each other. Himanshu knows how to irritate me and then make me happy in no time. We have 3 years of age difference and I am elder one and we share a very healthy good relationship.

Many say, family and business shouldn’t be mixed together. Clearly, you two do not believe in this philosophy. What’s your take on it?

Himanshu: In our view, it’s always good to do a business with your family member as you’re collaborating with people you trust and care about and there is certain level of comfort and understanding involved.


What’s the one quality of your sibling that works well in the business?

Ritika: Himanshu is a good decision-maker.

Himanshu: Ritika is a wonderful leader!


One thing that annoys you about your sibling in the workplace?

Himanshu: She interferes in my work a lot.

Ritika: He never listens to me at first…(adds)…but he eventually does.


OK guys, one last question for our readers. What words of wisdom do you have for those starting up?

Ritika: Never be afraid to follow your passion. Believe in what you’re doing. And most importantly, take risks.






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