We all know the negative impact automobiles have on the environment. Petrol and Diesel vehicles add to our country and world’s pollution problem immensely. And with 3 Indian cities in the Global top 10 for most polluted cities in the world, its high time there was focused development in the sustainable and environmentally friendly products to reduce our global carbon footprint. One such company, VOLTA Motors aims to do exactly that.

VOLTA Motors is an evolving automotive Chennai-based start-up company focused on developing sustainable Electric vehicles for the Indian and global market. Volta Motors have designed and developed India’s first cross-over electric bike VOLTA ZAP, completely in Chennai. “ZAP” is an innovative, eco-friendly e-vehicle that can be used like a moped for commuting and also be used as a bicycle for fitness purpose. Inside and out, Volta Zap is an iconic and bold Indian product representing the MAKE IN INDIA strategy. ZAP is designed to be more reliable and durable considering Indian road and climatic conditions.

The battery used in ZAP is an advanced lithium technology which can also be used as a power bank for charging mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc… on the go.. Zap’s battery has eight times more life span than any existing E-bike in the Indian market. The battery has twice the lifespan than any E-bike with similar specifications. The Pedal assist feature helps the user to pedal the bike with an ease as it gives 3 full cycle wheel rotation for every single pedal rotation made. The reflector placed underneath the seat post of the bike adds an additional safety feature during night rides.

Zap’s operating cost is around 7 paise per kilometre, which is more economical when compared with existing two-wheelers and this proves to be the most reliable product in terms of usage in India. The specially designed battery pack weighs around 3 kg. The battery pack is designed in such a way that it can be easily removed and charged anywhere and can also be used as a power bank for charging mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc… on the go. The time consumed for charging the battery is quicker than any existing E-bikes in the country (four times faster).  

ZAP has been presented in various start-up events and fests in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Vijayawada and received a lot of applause from industry experts and users. Volta Motors has been testing ZAP for more than a year and have been continuously improving the product quality. They have been offering test rides for users and taking feedback to refine and improvise the vehicle. ZAP was recently unfolded at Bangalore during the 1st week of August 2016 and has offered more than 400 test drives successfully around Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They have been receiving pre-orders from various parts of the country.

Volta Motors has been certified as a recognized start-up by the department of industrial policy and promotion under start-up India portal promoted by the Central government of India which adds more value towards the brand.

Volta Motors has started taking pre-orders for Volta ZAP. Many users have pre-ordered Zap after their test rides. Volta Motors has plans to offer ZAP for the best cost to those who pre-order it. Volta Motors is working to organize free test rides for users in tier 1 and tier 2 cities all over India in the coming days. Interested users can sign up for free test rides here.



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