In the words of Mr. Jairaj Bhattacharya, MD of ConveGeniusan entertainment solutions company.
I first met Ashish Gupta when i was a fellow at the Young India Fellowship – Ashoka University. He ignited the spark of entrepreneurship in me with one of his talks as a founder and trustee.I still remember Ashish saying “the best way to create impact is build something that will generate real value, create jobs and can self-sustain”. It was a moment which got me to start conversing more and discussing my ideas on Education and how technology can be used to scale the impact of learning. He was ConveGenius’ first Angel investor who believed in us before the unit economics was in place.
He started by investing a smaller round in us to nurture and grow the idea. Since then, Ashish Gupta has been backing us for the last two years. He has invested in Convegenius in the Seed, Pre-Series A and Series A rounds, following us through our tough times when we actually needed financial and moral support. Most importantly, he was a great mentor and taught us how to think like a business while we innovate; thereby creating a balance of innovation and revenue driven growth.
Ashish always said – “He invests in people, not ideas”. He had an ability to nudge us in the right path without micromanaging us and giving us the freedom to think and explore. This made a huge difference in how we grew as promoters for the business. On this occasion of Teacher’s day i would like to acknowledge and appreciate the role of mentors like Ashish who Convegenius owes a “Guru Pranaam” !
About Ashish Gupta: He is the founder and trustee at Ashoka University and the Ex COO of E-value Serve.



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