As an associate at Kotak Securies, Sandeep Aggarwal’s thirst for an exciting entrepreneurial was not being quenched enough. Switching from an easy job to the hard life of a startup entrepreneur, Sandeep is the founder of ShopClues – an online marketplace and currently founder and CEO at Droom – a marketplace for automobiles.



An active angel investor, philanthropist and Internet visionary – his impeccable business acumen, strong domain knowledge and an undying passion to never give up has helped him grow as one of the top executives of the country.

The journey wasn’t easy and now having led one company to success and leading his second to greater heights, Sandeep shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship and e-commerce:



OK, that was deep. Here’s more:



Alright, yes. Indigestion after a seven course meal makes a lot of sense.

But what Sandeep is trying to say is that the e-commerce space in India is very elongated unlike USA and China where it is very streamlined.



Never say never.


There is no score for being unsure as an entrepreneur. Don’t hedge – jump into the water! It might be a little cold but you’ll adjust in a few moments. And once you adjust, you will enjoy the swim.


Thank you for your wise words, Sandeep!



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