Nothing in this world today is possible without a lot of intent, gadgets or even money, it’s as if we breathe in minimalism being rich tech savvies. But what if all your prayers get answered and you get a fair chance to barter things you need, even the expensive gadgets you wish to own?

Founded in 2015, Let’s Barter India started off their exciting journey with a strict motive to bring back our old gone days where we used to exchange goods and services without a medium of exchange. Not just services, you can barter anything, counting in books, furniture, passes and even clothes. All you have got to do is to post and wait for the members of the team to get back to you with their offers.


A Simple Idea

Let’s Barter India was founded by two friends, Pooja Bhayana and Sahil Dhingra, who kicked off the concept with just a Facebook group.

They enabled the barter system by the fix of Technology, and the services are just a click away for all the platform users. By only adding a listing, one can easily connect with like-minded people and garner opportunities to a great variety of offers present.

Let’s Barter India now runs a group of 1,79,000 members who share the same mind for sharing resources amongst each other. It is even ranked second in the bartering system services on Facebook. The company has their presence in Delhi and operate the entire services through their apps that are available for Android as well as iPhone users. Both the group and the apps have a widespread presence for the cash-strapped users from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The users range from 18-25 years of age. They are the ones who have continuous needs for goods and services.


Easing An Age-Old Practice

Let’s Barter India is a platform where you can do things the old way. It provides you the ability to share and exchange goods with fellow members of the group who are just like you, in the need of cash.

It has a simple formula and works on the C2C exchange of used goods and promote barter service as much as possible.

Pooja Bhayana and Sahil Dhingra were individuals from varied streams. They together came up with the idea of helping people who have no resources, by building a group on Facebook that could provide all used services and goods easily to the ones who need them. Let’s Barter India runs a Facebook group with over 1,79,000 members who share a mutual want of services. It is now renowned as the second largest barter community on Facebook.

To make bartering easy, they have recently launched an app for the Android and the iPhone users. They aim for the app and the group to be used by a lot of people in the coming days and to ease out the present system of transaction.

With a presence in Delhi, they wish to extend their network and media outreach over all the social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, bringing in people to take advantage of the facilities provided by them.

Clear Business Philosophy

They aim to bring back the immemorial culture of barter system to the contemporary India. With a belief in the principle of keeping things simple, the founders have a clear version of working with their entire team to grow PAN and overseas. They aim to grow the barter trend everywhere. Not just this, they have a clear mission of establishing themselves in a few countries like Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore.  The two friends believe in having faith on their employees. They are moving ahead keeping one philosophy in their mind: “The growth of the company depends if we keep learning. It should be a cycle of thoughts being shared.”





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