The experts say the digital world has changed the entire dynamics of communication across all the globe irrespective of the geographies, age, gender or financial status… I say it will eventually change our DNA, especially the one that aided touch… feel and also the emotional connect that we felt with the world around when we met people in person.

There was a time when people took pride in the fact that someone known to them or a family member was a part of the freedom struggle, a lot of people took inspiration from the Leader and Freedom fighters, read biographies and followed their principles … Gone are those days and that is a fact!

Here are few interesting ways in which the Generation today expresses their love for their nation on digital media – a media that is more or less like a lifeline for their survival in the society and on the planet!

Just after you update your Facebook status and tell the world about the movie you are going to watch, how excited you are and which theatre you are going to… You do manage to straight at ease for the national anthem when it plays right before the movie screening in the cinemas! Dabbling with that popcorn tub and Cola in your hands, right after the perfect selfies with the movie poster… eager waiting for the movie to start so that you can give live updates on Twitter/ Facebook on the best scenes and worst dialogues… and yet you do religiously stand up for the Anthem – that’s commendable!

Change your ‘DP’ or Profile Picture to your national flag, national Emblem or a nicely designed I love my country banner. That’s mere motivation to replace that selfie that you love the most with a picture that displays the country’s symbol is surely a sacrifice worth recognition!

Forward and Share the posts on National Issues with your expert remarks and eventually engage in a comments trail or debates with your friends on social media. You spread the word only when you feel for it, isn’t it?

Follow your favourite leaders on Twitter and share it on your social media and retweet about their achievements – propagate their agenda, applaud their work! Be a self-appointed influencer for their campaign.

Subscribe to a popular patriotic songs playlist on your music app! Thanks to A.R RAHMAN and his works, the GEN X doesn’t have to bother about Manoj Kumar’s “MERE DESH KI DHARTI’, Kranti, Naya Duar or Anand Math forget about remembering the writers/composer of the National Anthem or Vande Matram!

And before I forget, How about sending those Independence Day and Republic Day forwards on WhatsApp and Google Messenger (with Emoticons!)? It’s hilarious how people also share the sale offers and holiday packages with a patriotic campaign liner.

And if I ever had to join the band waggon I think I would be required to send out messages like ” Happy Republic Day… Have a great weekend… see you at the club on Friday …XOXO…love you to the moon and back…

P.S. The views expressed in the article is writer’s personal opinion.


[This article first appeared on WittyFeed and has been reproduced with permission.]
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