Ever craved cafe-style global food at the comfort of your home or workplace?
Ever thought why we can’t get the global food options we crave for when we return to India after a holiday?
That’s mostly because there isn’t anyone who attempted to bring Global Cuisine to India.
Two others felt the same problem. “Having travelled to various countries when we moved back to India, we found global cuisine options to be non existent specially in home delivery section. Thats when the idea of such a venture evolved.” That’s Ankit and Nitish talking, about why they started World In A Box – a food based startup. They researched the market segment, setting up cost of business for about 6 months before they took the plunge.
13417647_1011207572280642_5871114462848833095_n Nitish says, “since we were not from the industry obviously we had some initial teething problems and roadblocks but friends and family networks were generous enough to come forward and help us.”
We met up with Nitish, co-founder of World In A Box for a small chat:
How did you meet  your co-founder? how is it working with a co-founder? 
 Yes, Ankit. It’s an interesting story how me and Ankit met. We both were deported at Moscow airport together while we were going for our Masters to Amsterdam. We started our career at the same hedge fund before I moved back to India to work for an Investment bank. Its amazing working with him, as we two are absolutely opposite of each other. He is the patient and structured one whereas I am the more excited one. He keeps check on my over enthusiasm.
Food industry is a terribly tight and packed space. why still choose a field with so many players?
Food industry is tight space because of easy entry barriers but most of them don’t survive long due to lack of experience or traction. We chose this space because there was void which no one was targeting at. We wanted to build a product for ourselves. We see a lot of potential in this business and our unit economics are very strong.
What’s unique about your service?
We are talking to our customers on daily basis and feeding the feedback back into system. We have not spent even single rupee on marketing yet and all the traction has been organic and word of mouth. We do lot of corporate tie ups and pop ups to promote our brand.
Whats next for Nitish, professionally and personally?
I am loving what I am doing right now. Professionally plan is to make WIB a national brand in 5 years to come. Personally I want to travel 2 new countries every year so that by the age of 60 I have covered most parts of the world.
3 tips for  Entrepreneurs? Especially those skeptical to take the jump?
Be patient, Businesses take time to show their potential. Plan for the failure. Make sure you have enough finances on zero revenue for at least 18 months. each time you want to give up, go back and think why you started.
If one had to explain your product in one line, how would you? 
Cafe style global food at comfort of your home or workplace.
 World In A Box is currently operational in Gurgaon, but looking to raise funds and expand to NCR in both online/offline/hybrid model.



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