In the corporate world, rapid economic progress and round the clock working hours have given ample reasons to boost one of the world’s most pressing problems of “perennial time-scarcity”. We live in an era where cricket struggled to revamp its game from 5 day test matches to miniscule Twenty20 just to make it look speedy and cool.

Everybody, everywhere looks so busy that even the lunch breaks now are considered to be coherent affairs where one has to stick on his desk with an eye on inbox and not forgetting to constantly monitor the regular blinking and chirping of the phones. However, with dynamic changes happening around the world at almost every second, it becomes almost an obligatory ritual to know what’s in the news. The explosion of available news has only made time feel more crunched, as it is not less than a struggle to choose which news to read, what section to prioritize sports or politics, health or entertainment, so as it does raises the opportunity cost of news to be read (i.e., choosing one thing comes at the expense of choosing another).

Birth Of An Idea

With the idea of providing latest news content in short and simple words to people in bits, tech – aficionado Rahul Tiwari founded Hyperlocal-cum-News Aggregator – Crunch on 25th May 2016. Being a computer science graduate and a blog writer initially, Rahul recounts the days when he used to write long articles. However, when he showed the same to his friends they would read the articles with a cursory glance and in an inverted “L” format in order to read it quickly. This prompted him to provide news in bullets. In a less than two months’ time , this Noida based app has already around 5000 downloads and 10k+ likes on Facebook, which exhibits that it has started to gain popularity among the readers who are interested in the headlines but have dearth of time for diving in the story.

Crunch is a mobile based android app that provides news in brief. It shortens the news content highlighting the relevant points of the news so as to save readers time yet updating them about various happenings around the world.

Why Crunch Is So Enticing

1. You can consume more news in less time with smart reader technologies .This makes the app faster when the internet connection gets slower. It removes all the images and allows Crunch to fetch news even in 2G Connections without any hassles.

2. Makes content highly interesting and you would love spending time on Crunch.

3. News in bullets help you retain more information. The Less you consume, More you can recollect.

Other major player in this domain is inShorts in India which already has a big user base and Buzzfeed, Feedly and Flipboard in the global arena. Crunch claims to differentiate itself by supporting live streaming and a place where people can make their own pages to showcase their inner talents in near future.

The main competition that Crunch would face is from InShorts which has been doing exceptionally well and has been able to raise funding worth $20 million Series B round from Tiger Global. Crunch too has been focusing on increasing its user base and popularity. It looks forward to spread its base in cities with higher internet base focusing majorly on Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore at present.


Crunch has been able to raise some funds from family and friends. It follows story of Goldilocks stating they would go for it when they make sure that they can break even in a year as time would be “just right” then. It has been working on lean model, offering its developers to work from their remote hometowns, holding discussion on team viewer thus reducing the cost to 25-30% which includes cost of laptop, workstation, travelling and of course maintaining the work life balance.

Editor’s Note

It is indeed a challenging task for Crunch to prove its might among the players like inShorts and Buzzfeed. But having certain unique features like smart user technologies, live streaming in its kitty and with the encouraging number of downloads in just a few months, it might just be able to turn the tide in its favour.



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