The most sizzling chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has left us dumbfounded for years. The never-ending love and passion they show towards each have not only filled our hearts with awe for them but, also made them our favorite celebrity couple. Their life was not always a merry go round, facing difficulties and overcoming the hurdles of life was a part of the voyage they carried on together. However, the recent news of their separation has blown up our faith in love.

There is a lot to learn from Brangelina (as we lovingly call them). How passion and trust can secure your connection with another person in your personal life or even for an entrepreneur to build a trustful relationship with his customers and employees. With start-ups being the hype these days, here are a few point that a startup must keep in mind to have a better connection with its customers and users-

Get to know each other

The couple first hit it off during the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. What do you think must have happened? Love at first sight? No matter how romantic it sounds, it is kind of weird to fall for someone all at once. They must have started to get to know each other and liked each other’s perception and thoughts. That’s how a relationship works. For all the business heads and startups, they must notice that it is very vital to learn about their customer’s needs and thoughts. To provide them with services that satisfy them, and also, to work towards the betterment of the budding relation between each other. Providing information regarding your services to the users and customers is crucial so that they can avail them extensively.

Trust and Passion

Once the client gets to know you, he will be more than happy to involve with you or use your services. Providing them all the information they need, a start-up can smartly plant the seed of trust in their hearts. Moreover, once the client or customer witnesses how passionate one is about serving his client, he’ll rest assure and depend on the start-up.

Positive experiences

Brangelina lasted for almost a decade, and it would not have been possible without happy memories and spending quality time together creating those memories. They have a total of six children to bind them together, with whom they have many positive experiences. Similarly, to gain affection from their customers, a startup must keep in mind to provide their clients with good memories and experiences. For instance, while working, they must ensure that their customer is more than satisfied with their work. No queries or complaints should fall on deaf ears.

Support and affection

When the hard time hit the couple, they did not back down. Brad stood right by Angelina’s side during her cancer treatment. The support and affection that the couple showed were empowering. Likewise, when a client contacts the team of any startup, it is their duty to help him through it. To care for the worries of their customer and work towards improving their service will build a healthy relation between the client and the start-up.

Even though the couple went strongly for almost a decade, they are falling apart now. The reasons remain unknown to us but can be assumed as lack of understanding and communication with each other (just a wild guess).  A startup can not only learn from their ‘rise-and-shine-days’ but also from their failure, to ensure a proper relation with their customers and clients. It is important to have a feedback channel available to the customers so that any start-up can realize their mistakes and can put in efforts to improve them.

The lovely couple was sure an epitome of love and kindness but, guess will not have a fairy tale ending. To ensure same doesn’t happen with your start-up and customers build good rapport with them and touch the sky easily.

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Surbhi Saini: Born and raised in Delhi, the 19 year old girl believes in achieving her goals through hard work. She is currently pursuing her bachelors in BJMC from IP University. She works for LegalRaasta, a site for Private Limited Company Registration in India, as a content writer. She loves to paint portraits, read books, dance and write various formats.



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