The online marketplace is getting more excited as days pass by. There are so many new players with new innovations that the sector is buzzing with excitement.

With the launch of Pretr, which calls itself India’s first omni-channel marketplace, by Ambab, the leading retail technology solutions company, things look to change. Taking revolution to the next level, Pretr has developed Pretr Exchange (PretrX), a platform that unifies ecosystem for malls, retailers, and brands to co-create innovative experiences that remove friction from physical commerce.

Consolidate The Marketplace

PretrX is an attempt to consolidate all the learning, innovations, technology and experience as country’s first omnichannel marketplace over a single platform. It is a one-point plug to enable technologies like – Online & instore apps, commerce engine, scan engine, middleware, allocation logics, order management tools, analytics, integrations and data exchange and fulfilment options like – Reserve online and pickup from stores, same day delivery from store, midnight delivery, delivery from malls, curbing side pickups, return to stores, integration and concierge of deliveries .

The app gives periodic updates, product information, technical and administrative support, integrated marketing, system integration, customer care, training etc. to the store owners as well. They have all major ERPs, POS, CRMs and loyalty platforms and payments across multiple retails partners and affiliates.


Working With Shopping Trends

In the recent years, the shopping trend in India has undergone several changes. From overcoming the customary concept of going from shop to shop, the concept of mall was also soon replaced by online shopping trend. Adding another facet to the newly evolved online shopping, Pretr has launched Pretr X.

Pretr X also provides “Zero Operations Commitment” where one does not have to worry about product information,periodic updates, technical and administrative support,system integration, integrated marketing, brand support, customer care and training.

With Pretr we had promised to revolutionize the way a customer shops and now with PretrX we are all set to innovate the face of retail in India as we attempt to consolidate and open all our work,innovation, technologies like online and instore apps, commerce engine, scan engine, middleware, allocation logics, order management tools, analytics, integrations and data exchange and  experience for malls, retailer and brands. Pretr X for malls is a platform of possibilities to integrate the best in fashion, food ,leisure  and digital technology across 100+leading stores said Bhavik Jhaveri,CEO of Pretr. 

Bhavik is a serial technopreneur and an emerging market observer and has successfully founded and built some of the leading ventures in e-commerce, consumer internet and digital media space across India and global Markets. He says he is committed to build a start up ecosystem in the country. As a business builder, he comes with a decade long experience of building profitable businesses.

When we asked him what’s his favourite quote from the business, he aptly ends with

‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up’   – Thomas A. Edison

Here’s a cool video the folks at Pretr came up with to show their product, check it out:



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