Amazon Web Services , an company announced new initiatives under AWS Educate a global initiative that allows students and educators with an access to resources that they need to accelerate cloud-related learning.

Around 30 courses have been designed with the help of Udacity, an online education company that aims to bring accessible, affordable, and highly effective learning to the world.

Speaking on the occasion Teresa Carlson, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector, AWS said, “We built AWS Educate with a vision of helping to cultivate a cloud-enabled workforce. It’s been inspiring to see students from every corner of the globe – from Brooklyn to Bombay to Singapore to Seoul – embrace AWS Educate, eager to digest learnings from top computer science courses, and get their hands on their first Amazon S3 bucket,” Based on that vision, we are taking the program one step further by connecting employers and students on AWS Educate.”   

AWS Educate offers students a more direct way to put their cloud knowledge to use with over 25 self-paced content modules known as “Cloud Career Pathways.” The modules will consist of instructional videos, lab exercises, online courses, whitepapers, and podcasts.

The Cloud Career Pathways align to four overarching job families, which are also represented in the new AWS Educate Job Board: cloud architect, software developer, operations-support engineer, and analytics and big data specialist.

Each Cloud Career Pathway includes a minimum of 30 hours of content designed to build core skill sets across the four job families. After students successfully complete the course, they receive digital micro-credentials in the form of badges and certificates that appear on their AWS Educate profile, which can give students an edge on their own job applications. Students can apply directly to relevant jobs posted on the AWS Educate Job Board, which features cloud internships and jobs from some of the top technology companies.

AWS Educate maps students academic training and achievements in the Cloud Career Pathways and offers relevant internships and jobs posted on the AWS Educate Job Board, featuring top employers including Amazon, Cloudnexa, Instructure, Salesforce, Splunk, Udacity, and more.

Apart from AWS Educate’s core-labs, it also offers its members a library of AWS resources and educator-share benefits, including AWS promotional credits, online training, self-paced content, Cloud Career Pathways and the AWS Educate Job Board. More than 25 Cloud Career Pathways are made up of content modules designed to teach the technical skills required in hundreds of cloud-related jobs.

AWS Educate has provided over 500 institutions with access to cloud computing training, tools, and technologies since May 2015. The new AWS Educate capabilities are available to students in the United States, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and China at launch.

AWS offers over 70 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, analytics, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise applications from 38 Availability Zones (AZs) across 14 geographic regions in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and India.




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