Hunger. Poverty. Malnutrition.

Despite over 7o years of independence, this is still the fate of more than 20 Cr Indians, who sleep on an empty stomach every day.

We are aware of the extremity of the problem of hunger and food wastage. All of us have a pile of garbage somewhere near our house which we avoid passing by because it stinks. Each day, we turn a blind eye to these issues, because we’re so stuck up in the rat race that we laze around and forget about the number of problems that are piling up at our doorstep.

Something like hunger is so visible that we live in a false hope that someone will someday do something about it, after all, it is fatal. And then there is 24 years old, Delhi-based Ankit Kawatra who after studying Business from Delhi University, has taken up the task of envisioning and working towards an India with zero hunger and zero food wastage – a goal which he aims to achieve in the span of his lifetime.

Ankit went on to quit his job and do something about what was constantly playing in his mind. It was a risk, an experiment which has proven itself worth taking.

So far, he has 2000 plus volunteers across 28 cities and a 24 hour Helpline (98711-78810) through which people coordinate with the ‘Feeding India’ team. They collect excess food from a wedding or restaurant or wherever it is available and transport it to a beneficiary within 5kms, for free.

He was also chosen as one of the 17 young world leaders by the United Nations as a part of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recently.

The simplicity of the idea proves how you do not need a complex business model and become a social entrepreneur running a non-profit organization. All you need is determination and the courage to begin.

Hear him speak at JOSH TALKS 2016: LEAP on the 22nd and 23rd October at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi.



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