We order food, groceries, clothes, cabs and so many other products that a bunch of creative entrepreneurs have come up with their own hyperlocal service – to deliver gangsters on demand! GundaJoy – a platform created by the folks at Comicoast to hire Thugs!

A useful service, especially for folks living in Delhi (hehe), GundaJoy hopes the capture the $837 Bn dollar market in this unregulated sphere by supplying Goons-On-Demand to those using their service!

GundaJoy does a rigorous verification process to make sure only the best thugs in the business make it to their service.

Wide Variety of “Services” To Choose From

Modelled on Uber’s services, the Gunda Talk option will make a goon call the target over the phone and “drive some sense” into them. The Gunda X option will make the goon meet your target face-to-face to “explain to them” the nature of the meet (wink wink) and finally Gunda Black, their premium option, which will “cause a lot of pain to their targets”!

With a wide range of services, there is something for everyone – the college student who needs to knock some sense into the guy who’s hitting on his girlfriend, the chauffeur who got overtaken by a loud-mouthed man on the roads of Delhi, or the mother who wants to “put some distance” between her son and his good-for-nothing friends.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.48.38 PM

 The GundaJoy Guarantee

Like every other top startup in the hyperlocal sphere – GundaJoy promises it’s loyal customers a high quality service provider via their “vendor” (to say the least). Their website ensures that

“each limb receives the amount of stress, strains, twists and breaks it deserves. And in the unlikely case that our vendors fail to deliver their promise due of sympathy, we will refund your money back!”

Customer Satisfaction

Their website has many testimonials to their top-notch service. While one happy customer says that GundaJoy made sure his boss approved his leaves from office, another used their services to convince his future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in their marriage. News is, he has already done another booking for the mother-in-law, seeing the success the first time.

With their customers being looked after by executives Pinky Hateli, Teeku Tamancha and Pappu Pujari, there is absolutely no doubt that customers will be very satisfied by this startup’s service.

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With the success of GundaJoy in it’s early stage, there is absolutely no doubt that they will receive their Series A,B and C fundings very soon – by hook or most probably, by crook!

This is a humour article: Comicoast is a new startup which works on creating fun content, comics and quizzes for other startups & businesses. GundaJoy, along with ScamDeal are their two flagship products which they hope will impact many lives around them



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