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Many companies need another company for them to thing big. We all have our mentors in real life. Similarly, companies delegate responsibility to top companies to consult. One such company making waves in India is Aeterno Partners and its founder who herself dreamt big to reach where she is.

Neha Tandon Sharma is the Founder of Aeterno Partners. Her unrivaled passion and years of experience in investment banking underline Aeterno’s expertise and her role of a strategic advisor for many young enterprises in India today. Through her professional consultancy, many start-ups have raised funds; seed or growth funds depending upon their requirements. She possesses strong relationships with angel investors, single family offices, multi-family offices, VC funds and PE funds.


At the outset, Neha is an engineer by profession before she actually realized that engineering is not something she was personally committed to. After understanding her willingness and priorities, Neha finally decided to be an investment banker. It was her passion for understanding discrete business models, figuring out revenue drivers and cost components, trends across industry coupled with her flair towards interacting with people-implied a reason for starting and running her own business-that took over later.


Before starting her own venture, Neha gained over 7 years of experience in investment banking and corporate strategy. She got into front-end investment banking, after joining Singhi Advisors. Her next investment banking stint was with Avendus. She also worked as the chief investment officer with an aviation company, Jetex servicing more than 200 countries around the world.

Officer Of Dreams

Aeterno likes to call itself the “Chief Dreaming & Implementation Officer” for each of the clients it chooses to work with. One of the main tasks that Aeterno assigns itself is to “take the blinkers off” for each and everyone it works with. Aeterno prods the client to dream and dream big, dream as if unlimited resources are available at their disposal and then try to visualise what their company could be.

This dream is then further substantiated and pruned and made realistic by the deep dive that Aeterno does with each of its clients across the facets of their business model. It all begins with a dream but ends in hard defensible numbers with clearly defined milestones that need to be achieved.

Aeterno does everything from validating and crystallising the business model, go-to-market strategy, customer acquisition strategy, hiring suggestions, figuring out exact funding and other needs of the company and prepare it to be investor ready.

Currently it aims to address early stage companies in Technology & Outsourcing, Consumer Internet, Healthcare and General Aviation segment.

Unbound Success

Incepted in 2014, Aeterno Partners has till date, strengthened partnerships to boost the startup growth stories in India. Aeterno enjoys relationships with around 75 angel investors, single family offices, multi-family offices, VC funds and PE funds across the country.

Above absolutely hands-on approach coupled with deep relationships with investors allows Aeterno to ensure successful transaction closures.

Aeterno has been doing extensive work and learning with exciting companies like Buttercups, Seclore, Exfaq and Licious.

Currently, Aeterno is working with companies in education, aviation, enterprise computing, robotics, Cloud and Mobility segment. Most of these companies are at various stages of transaction execution and in the process of receiving immensely favourable investor response.

And with a founder who knows how to dream big, they surely know how to make others dreams come true.



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