Stories have the power to inspire, connect and change the world. Every person has a story to tell – not necessarily world-altering but definitely worth sharing. There are way too many negative stories doing the round, stories that make our mood off, stories that fill us up with sadness and sorrow, or stories which talk of hate and its impact to society. We don’t often enough hear positive stories, since the good deeds people do is often interred with their bones, while their bad deeds  live on for generations even after someone has gone to the grave.


Stories That Inspire


Chaaipani, founded by Shruti Chaturvedi last year is a storytelling platform to discover and share positive, inspiring stories of people and initiatives making our world a better place. When Shruti began Chaaipani, it started off as a  blogging project by her before taking its current shape. After 3 years of working in the Media and Advertising industry, she decided she had enough of the media world and decided to pursue her passion of telling impactful stories of people and dove into creating this brand with no business model or revenue plan. Eventually, Shruti’s work caught some wind and she decided to dive in full time.


On the origin of it’s name, Shruti says, “Our vision is simple. We intend to cut through the noise of negativity and serve you with super-inspiring stories, every time you sit down for a cup of Chaai.

Like they say, we become what we consume. So we’ve decided to play our little role of feeding people with positive content that inspire them to encourage and do good.”


Impact on Society


The impact of Chaaipani has been far and wide. Currently, they have a strong presence on their website and social media platforms and are working on gamifying their platform so that people can be rewarded for being “good”. With this Chaaipani looks to build a culture of encouraging, inspiring, helping and sharing as a fun activity and passing it through the community. They have also organized over 25 offline events called “Kitli Conversations” – a no-rules, no-agenda meet up where people simply share their stories of inspiration while others just listen. Seeing its success in Tier 1 cities, Chaaipani is moving to emulate such sessions in Tier 2 and 3 cities as well. Along with these activities, they have been active in creating positive change in cross-border relationships as well, having started its operation in Karachi, Pakistan as well with 2 writers and 1 photographer joining the team.

Chaaipani’s monthly reach is about 2,50,000 readers a month out of which around 80,000 readers are subscribers to their service. Their most successful stories have been about like Narendra Raval (Kenya’s Steel King), Rahul Narvekar, Zakir Khan and Tanya Nambiar, among others.

With Chaaipani’s success on the web, they decided to crowdfund the building of their platform. Within Day 15 of their 30 day target, Chaaipani has already raised 28% more than INR 4,50,000 target from 135 backers, with their final funding ending at INR 5,85,000 – a testament to their good work and the belief that they have garnered from the public. This is perhaps evidence that whatever time of the day you login to Chaaipani, you will always end up with a smile on your face. Perhaps, aptly describing what the brand stands for.


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