Many startup organizations do their bit for the ecosystem around them,  but most of them startup meets to increase interaction. Young, hopeful entrepreneurs are often left in need for more information and insight to succeed.

91springboard, the co-working and collaborative workspace solutions centre have announced the launch of 91university, a venture in the education for entrepreneurs where the folks at 91springboard have identified a glaring gap. Having worked with many organizations, they came to an realization thatt a college education and management degree are inadequate at preparing entrepreneurs for their journey. They believe there are many skill gaps for which entrepreneurs have no place to go.

Launched in collaboration with Mr. Salil Agarwal, 91university aims to bridge this gap by by providing meaningful and relevant education.

Launch of First Course

The first course launched is a “Foundation Course for Entrepreneurs” targeted at people who are keen to start their business or have started a business in the last one year. The course aims to provide a holistic view of business in a short and succinct manner. It is a high level course designed with the entrepreneur in mind and does not intend to make one a specialist but provides enough knowledge to help one understand what is in store for them along the entrepreneurial journey.

The course has 30 sessions spread over eight weekends so that the so students, working professionals and entrepreneurs can fit it conveniently into their schedules. It covers all aspects of business including marketing, finance, operations, quality, human resources, accounting, law etc. It also has sessions on personal effectiveness.

Having started in July, the course has gotten great feedback from participants for its structure, design, content, teaching methodology and the experience of the faculty.

Salil Agarwal said,

The goal of 91university is to help and create a new breed of entrepreneurs who can establish their foundation on the basis of hands on training on practical aspects, exposure to industry stints and the knowledge of how to overcome entrepreneurial challenges by creating an interactive environment.”

Launch Of The Second Course

After an overwhelming response to their first course, the second edition of the Foundation course for Entrepreneurs will begin on November 5th at their Gurgaon location.

These specially designed courses will help participants build skills  needed and enhance knowledge that will help you stay ahead.


Response From Participants

Such was its success that one participant said that insight brought in by the faculty for various subjects is equal, if not better, to what one finds in full-time MBA and it offers an alternative to a full time MBA which requires a year off work and the best part is the interaction with highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Another participant added,

“the course enables networking with fellow entrepreneurs as well as potential investors and mentors and would recommend this course to people who are starting up and need clarity in what they are doing, what they want to do and what they can do.”






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